As a courtesy, we want to give our customers early notice of a pricing increase on January 2nd, 2023. due to inflationary pressures. If you have budgeted to purchase a Williams dryer at our current prices, we recommend placing your order promptly to lock in pricing. Please feel free to contact us directly If you have any questions about these changes and we at Williams Direct Dryers appreciate your continued business and support.
Williams Sports Dryer Invented by us... Made by us

Your Sport... Your Dryer

Air Dryers for Sports Equipment

Boot & Glove Dryer / Drying Machines for Hockey, Football, Soccer and More

Our warmed and ambient air dryers have long set the standard for our industry, into creating and designing drying machines for the benefit of sports teams. Our sports equipment dryers are effective in drying ski boots, gloves, helmets for sports including skiing, baseball, football, soccer and more. In all of these sports, dampness, sweat, dirt and other substances have the capacity to join together and breed bacteria, laying the groundwork for contamination and disease that can be transferred to the athlete. Our SportsDryer eliminates health risks such as these in short order, and features increased functionality and an environmentally conscious design. Williams Direct Dryers has done it again!

Our sports dryers are forced air dryers that give you the option of warm or ambient air. No matter the sport you’re involved with, you’ll find our drying machines to be an invaluable piece of team equipment in no time at all.   

  • Ability to dry multiple garment styles ranging from skates and cleats to gloves, pads, helmets and more
  • Used in a variety of sports including football, hockey, track and field, basketball, skiing and more
  • Eliminates odor and extends the life of your gear
  • Helps stop the transfer of disease to you or your athletes
  • Also used by the military
  • A dryer model for your sport
  • Direct Drying Technology
  • Electrically certified for use in both North America and Europe
  • Made from welded all metal construction and powder coated
  • Strong warranty
  • Best price in its class

The idea of a dryer for athletic teams and individual athletes is an idea whose time has come, and Williams Direct Dryers is proud to be ushering in the idea in style. 

We invite you to learn more about our revolutionary new boot/glove and apparel dryers and how it can keep your athletic gear dry, clean and safe. You’ll love the innovation and affordability you’ll find at Williams Direct Dryers, and you’ll love the end result our SportsDryer provides.