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Hockey DryerHockey...because no one wants to wear wet gear...

Dryers for Hockey Equipment

Our hockey dryers offer a unique and convenient way to keep all your hockey gear dry.

If the term “hockey dryer” sounds foreign to you, it won’t for long. Williams Direct Dryers’ new SportsDryer line is not only a premier hockey skate dryer, it is also the perfect hockey glove dryer, helmet dryer and more. As much as any athletes, hockey players must deal with uniforms that get wet and soggy during the hard-hitting action. Why is a sports dryer, and a hockey drying rack in particular, important to your team? It’s important because drying hockey gear between periods will keep that gear safe from bacteria and disease that could be transferred to your players. No one wants to wear wet gear, and never before has it been so easy to keep sporting equipment in prime condition throughout the course of a game. Hockey players are among the most amazing athletes we have, and keeping your players safe and warm will allow them to perform their best.

Williams Direct Dryers has been around since 1989, and our sports dryers have kept us at the top of our industry. As a hockey gear dryer our SportsDryer are unsurpassed, and is a must have for any hockey team serious about keeping its players safe and comfortable.

  • Our hockey dryer is perfect for uniforms, gloves, skates and helmets
  • Helps to prevent contaminates caused by dampness
  • Will not damage apparel

In the past, the idea of a hockey skate dryer or hockey glove dryer you could keep on-site to dry gear during a game was just a pipe dream. Today Williams Direct Dryers has made it a reality. As with any athletic endeavor, you want to give your team every advantage possible. Dry, warm and comfortable hockey gear will give you that advantage, and keep your team away from the risk of disease caused by contaminates in the process. In other words it’s a win/win situation!

Our line of dryers for your sport offer such convenience and reliability to sports teams just like yours.