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Baseball Gear Dryer

Can your SportsDryer be used as a baseball dryer and which baseball gear can it dry?

Our baseball gear dryers are the ultimate resource for keeping baseball equipment warm, safe and dry. These state-of-the-art portable dryers may be used as helmet dryers, cleat dryers, to dry gloves and more. In terms of drying equipment there are precious few options sports teams an athletes can count on to keep their equipment dry and bacteria free. Our warmed and ambient air dryers are lightweight for easy transport, yet are big enough to dry up to 8 pairs of virtually any kind of apparel you could imagine. We are proud to have created a sports dryer the modern day athlete can count on to keep his/her equipment safe. Learn more about our drying racks and how they can benefit your baseball team in the same fashion they’ve benefited teams and athletes from sports across the board. We hope to hear from you at Williams Direct Dryers today.

Keep your baseball equipment clean and safe with the help of Williams Direct Dryers. Our SportsDryer is the perfect addition to any baseball team, and can be kept on-site in your dugout to dry:

  • Baseball gloves
  • Baseball cleats
  • Baseball helmets
  • Additional baseball gear

Never before has a baseball gear dryer been so easy to transport and use in the moment. Before, during and after games are all the perfect time to put our affordable, environmentally conscious helmet dryer and cleat dryer to work for you. We strongly believe you’ll love this new item from Williams Direct Dryers and want one for your own, so what are you waiting for?

Our clients in North America and Europe love what they’ve found in our sports dryers. Williams Direct Dryers is known for creating products that set the standard for our industry, and our SportsDryer is no different. Take a moment to learn more about this amazing product, how easy it is to use and the amazing work it does. From helmets to cleats to gloves and more, baseball players sport a number of pieces of equipment that can benefit from what our sports dryers have to offer. The more you learn about the importance of keeping your equipment dry and contamination free, the more you’ll understand why adding a dryer to your team’s equipment makes so much sense. We’ve got all the bases covered for you in terms of performance, functionality, safety and affordability, so make your move and order today.