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Our shoe dryers have always been the best in the industry. Williams Direct Dryers has always been ahead of the curve in our industry, and saw a need for sports dryers so that teams could keep their players’ gear safe from infection and warm and comfortable. The feet may be the most important tool an athlete has, and if his/her shoes are damp and uncomfortable it could affect performance. Not to mention raising the possibility of contamination. We’ve created a product that any sports team can benefit from, including yours!

When things get damp on the field of play, our shoe dryers can bring your foot gear back to a dry, warm and comfortable state. Our sports dryers are already being used in a number of sports and across a number of different athletic endeavors, including as a:

This is more than just a shoe warmer. The Williams Direct Dryers name is as respected as any in our industry, and you’ll love the job this product does for you.

Soccer is a taxing sport, and one that relies on the feet more than any other sport in existence. If the gear on a player’s feet is cold and damp, it can surely keep that player from optimum performance. Great sports performances are spurred by the right conditions, and the ability to dry a soccer boot on the sidelines during real game action is a luxury any team can benefit from.

The SportsDryer from Williams Direct Dryers is the ultimate shoe dryer for athletic teams committed to keep their footwear safe and dry. Learn more about this revolutionary product, and make your team the beneficiary of its amazing abilities.