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The SportsDryer from Williams Direct Dryers was created to deal with the very real issue of bacteria and infection in heavily worn and damp sports equipment. A great deal of work went into the creation of this lightweight dryer, which was created in consultation with Dr. Randy Narayan, a dentist from South Surrey, BC, Canada. Dr. Narayan remains as excited about the SportsDryer today as he was when the product was first brought to his attention.

Here is Dr. Narayan in his own words:

When I’m not working I am coaching a myriad of sports for my kids; primarily hockey! As a health professional and a former high level athlete I have always been bothered by wet, damp equipment for a number of reasons. First, it is uncomfortable to wear and to put back on. Secondly, and most importantly, wet or damp gear is a haven for bacteria and all of the possible infection sequelae that can occur.

To address my concern about the wet equipment my team, my kids and I were using, I began investigating sports equipment dryers and found the name of Williams® Direct Dryers. After contacting them I found that they were in the process of testing their newly developed SportsDryer. After a brief meeting with the company, I collaborated with our Junior A Hockey Team’s trainer to test the first model extensively. Following our tests, we met with Williams Direct Dryers to make adaptations to the test dryer. The result is the model you see today.

I am so thrilled with the efficacy and simplicity of the SportsDryer. It is so easy to use that my 11-year-old can set it up in two minutes. I cannot say enough about Williams® Direct Dryers and this great and important product they’ve created.

Here’s to dry, healthy equipment!