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Ski Boot DryerSkiing/Boarding...because no one wants to wear wet gear...

Dryers for Ski Boots & Gear

Our ski boot dryers will keep your ski gear warm and toasty and make your day on the slopes more enjoyable.

We offer a ski boot dryer that sets the standard for our industry and promises to keep your gear warm and safe. If you’ve never heard of a ski gear dryer you’ll love what our sports dryers have to offer. We know it can be a long day on the slopes when your boots and gear are wet and soggy. Not to mention the fact that improperly dried gear can build up bacteria and transfer disease to athletes. With a ski boot heater and glove dryer from Williams Direct Dryers on hand you can make certain that your gear is dry and warm no matter how long you’re out skiing. What makes our portable dryer and ski boot warmers so unique? For one, they are super lightweight. Take our drying racks with you to events and competitions. Plus they are designed in such a way that they will never damage your apparel. The Williams Direct name has always been one of the most respected in our industry. We’re proud to bring our drying equipment to the sports world, and invite skiing and boarding enthusiasts to reap the benefits.

Our SportsDryer is the ultimate ski gear dryer, and we invite you to find out why firsthand. This product means that the concept of sports dryers has been taken to another level in terms of performance, convenience, transportability and affordability.

  • Ski boot dryer
  • Ski glove dryer
  • Perfect for other ski gear as well
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Choose between warmed air or ambient air temperature drying
  • Eliminates the risk of contamination caused by dampness in ski gear

Installation of a ski and snowboard dryer

We strive to make all of our products accessible and affordable, and our ski boot heaters are no different. Even though it may never occur to you, damp ski gear can be a breeding ground for bacteria and contamination. In terms of comfort and safety dry gear is always the way to go, and our ski boot warmers will make certain that all of your gear is always in optimum condition. 

The ability to warm and dry your gloves, ski boots, etc. before your next run is the ultimate convenience, and one that Williams Direct Dryers is proud to bring to you. We’re constantly striving to design cutting edge products that lead the way in terms of innovation in our industry, and with our SportsDryer we’ve done it again. Learn more about this amazing product today. When you do, you’ll wonder why such a product never existed before!